Our Story & our Mission

To build a leading, global, cyber security advisory practice, that is respected by its peers, sought after by clients and a preferred international employer for security professionals

About us

IronSky is a risk and advisory firm with extensive cyber security experience in South Africa and Europe. We offer a suite of offensive and defensive advisory services aimed at designing, testing and improving the information security posture of our clients systems and networks. With access to experienced professional security resources located offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and Luleå, Sweden. IronSky is well positioned to assist our clients.

We stand ready to assist companies and individuals in protecting their data.
We believe that everyone has the inalienable right to own and control their data. Companies who collect data from their clients have been charged with duty of care to secure that data.
Frustated Incorporated
After a frustrated career attempting to convince executives about the importance of Cyber Security IronSky (Pty) Ltd is incorporated in Johannesburg South Africa as a Information Security Advisory Consultancy, by Robert.
Hack the Planet
Sibusiso Sishi joins IronSky South Africa as technical director and launches IronSky offensive services division.
Sowing our bits & bytes
In an effort to go global, Robert heads North and IronSky AB is incorporated in Luleå Sweden as our expansion into Scandinavia and Europe begins